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  Rev. Nancy Kimes DD, RMT

I have dedicated my life-path for the past 30+ years to bring counsel and healing to those who have a yearning to go beyond conventional, traditional views  regarding spiritual philosophies, and help change perceptions if this is one's desire, to gain a greater understanding of how one fits in the divine plan, and help one find their mission in life along with the courage to attain it. My desire is to help you get in touch with the God/Goddess inside you. I am also a dream coach (life coach), bringing you to your own awareness, opening communication of the knowledge latent inside you. 


     Minister, Doctor of Divinity, Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher, and founder of Kwan Yin Reiki™.  

I have been dedicated to healing and intuitive services since 1980. 

My spiritual work and studies

brought me to the realization that we are not alone

 that there is a higher power working within our lives.

         All one needs to do is invite this loving energy in to heal, comfort, energize, and guide

         to find one's full potential and bring to focus the light within the soul.


  On the path of the Lightworker I help people gain insight

         toward finding their mission and the courage to walk forward fulfilling their dreams.


      Kwan Yin has been a constant guide and companion

             bringing forth poetry, meditations, channeling, and Kwan Yin Reiki™

            enveloping the energy of Kwan Yin into one's healing work and life.


I tune in with the culminating energies of Kwan Yin, and other ascended masters.  I was introduced to Kwan Yin in 1994 and have been working with her energies ever since. My ministry is dedicated to healing practices and teaching one to be sufficient in taking responsibility for their own healing needs.  Additionally, they will learn to bring healing and well-being to others. My spiritual education began in 1980 studying unity teachings through U.T.C. (Universal Truth Center) as well as paranormal research. I am a Reverend with USC (Universal Spiritual Church), and ULC (Universal Life Church).  I also have a lifetime credential through UTC (Universal Truth Center) which is a Doctor of Divinity.  My wide range of studies compliment and enhance the spiritual work that encompasses my life. I am a teacher of Feng Shui which includes Feng Shui 101, the Art of Feng Shui, and Feng Shui Yourself for Romance.  My book, entitled Feng Shui Journeys... is related to Tibetan Black Hat Sect Feng Shui.  As a spiritual advisor, I use my own oracle cards called 'Chakra Insights' for a better understanding and recognition of the chakra system within the body. 

My studies include Essential Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho, and other schools of Reiki.

I am a certified Dream Coach through founder and teacher, Marcia Wieder, author of "Making Your Dreams Come True" who is the creator of Dream Coach University®, and Certified Dream Coach® Seminars. A new page will reveal more about this work soon...

Kwan Yin Reiki™ workshops are primarily taught in the Southern California area.  This method is completely different from Karuna or prior Reiki systems and other methods that have utilized the energy of Kwan Yin.

May your life journey be an adventure, prosperous, and the way YOU dream it to be!

Blessings in the light. I hope our paths will connect soon.

Rev. Dr. Nancy Kimes - 


ARTWORK by Nancy Kimes ©2004

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