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              Kwan Yin Reiki™ Workshop (The Foundational Workshop in the Kwan Yin Reiki Apprentice Program™)

         Founder/Teacher: Rev. Dr. Nancy Kimes RMT

Date: Saturday April 15, 2017
Time: 12:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m

Key points:
* Theory & practice
* Healing self and others
* Distant healing
* Testimonials
* Channeling Kwan Yin
* Initiation

This full day workshop includes:
The Kwan Yin Reiki™ Workshop Manual,
a sacred healing stone (to place under your chair),
Kwan Yin's personal symbol & distant healing symbol, and certificate.
Potluck in the garden.
Prerequisite: Simply the desire to heal

Place: Learning Light Foundation

  1212 E. Lincoln Avenue

Anaheim, California 92805

Tuition: $144.00
Limited to 12 new students; 1st audit free (bring your manual)

Contact Learning Light to pre-register - 714-533-2311
Email Rev. Nancy at  for more information.

In the Subject line put  "Kwan Yin Reiki Workshop"

           Buddhist Meditation Center - Adelanto, CA
                  Day Tour with Rev. Dr. Nancy Kimes, RMT
                  Date: Sunday - March 28, 2017  
      Time:  11:00am - 6:00pm 

  Key points:
* Meditation 
* Write your prayer or blessing 
* Share & Heal

         For more details and a flyer, email Nancy:
We will meet at Wal-Mart on Orangethorpe/Lemon Street in Anaheim at 9am to caravan.

  You may also visit/join Nancy's Meetup group:
 for a calendar of events, articles,
and more detailed information.

Note: A donation can be made at the Buddhist Temple.
Lunch and dinner are not included (Bring snacks. Bottled water is included).


Goddess Seed

Stream of light
In sun and moonlight
Shine bright on me.
Touch my heart
And fill it bright
With the light I see.

Come to me
In dreams and meditation.
And, as I light the candle flame,
Wrap me in your warmth and comfort
Calling out my name.

Bring me solace
When I 'wake
To help me start my day.
Guide me in the hours spent
While I work and play.

Bring your teachings
To my mind and ears.
Don't give up on me.
Along life's journey
Hopefully I'll see
That all you have ever tried to do
Was plant your Goddess seed.

Prayer Ritual to the Elements of the Goddess

Goddess of Air invoke your breath on me
Goddess of Earth embrace me in times of strife
Goddess of Water fill me with abundant joy
Goddess of Fire let passion ignite my soul's desire
Teach me your wisdom I employ.

Goddess filled with light and laughter
Imbue your essence ever-after
Clothe me with silk and satin
Bless me with your smile... Tarry for awhile

Enfold me with your gossamer wings
Tell me stories about angel things
Protect me from pestilence in the night
Provide safe journeys upon wings in flight

Show me how to stretch and fly
Until my wings spread across the sky.
Teach me all I need to know
About the universe you have known...
Its brilliant light and blackest holes.

Teach me about my home above
How it mirrors Earth and love
Grant me sight so that I may see
All above and inside me.




Let peace and faith walk by my side
Let love and honor be my guide
Whisper truth within my ear
Help me not waiver when facing fear.

Guide me through the day and night
Bathe my mind with thoughts of pure insight
Let me honor brethren in passing
To brighten the Light ever-lasting.

ARTWORK and POETRY by Nancy Kimes

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