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Lotus Flowers in the South Pacific

Testimony of the Kwan Yin Reiki
Master Apprentice Program Phase III™ Master Teacher Training in Peru 2007

Thank you, Light, Love, Health and Abundance, Janette - PA

During our ten-day adventure we participated in a local cleansing ceremony. Howard, our facilitator and his helpers Luz Maria and Fred were caring, compassionate and extremely helpful. All three of these gentle, blessed individuals are healers with very special gifts to offer. These wonderful people who worked so hard to make this experience something I could only have dreamed of humble me.

Nancy provided each student with A Soul Retrieval session allowing us to go deeper into ourselves and past to allow for our own healing and empowerment. Soul Retrieval was only one of five sacred ceremonies we experienced during our ten-day stay in Peru. Our hiking tours, with driver, Raul and guide Libo, were spectacular. Our guide was knowledgeable and shared his deep love for his people, their traditions, heritage and all of their lands.

Holding sacred ceremonies in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains heightens the experience. Hiking towards the sky, experiencing nature first hand is powerful, not only emotionally but spiritually as well.

We met an Andean Shaman and his son who only speak a near extinct dialect called Quechua. They are a spiritual people who live in the Andean Mountains and walked to the Hostel where we were staying to share his special medicine. He allowed us to participate in a Despacho ceremony, and provided us with a special personal reading of the Cocoa leaves.

Peruvians are a spiritual people, who believe in life and that we are all connected physically as well as spiritually with Mother Earth. Nature, and all of her elements are as vital to these people as breathing. They are gentle, kind and very open to all whom choose to come to their beautiful land.

My final attunement as a Kwan Yin Reiki Master was spiritually energizing and was an empowering experience. Being in Peru for my final attunement was the perfect setting.

My recent experiences in Peru with Nancy as my master, and my guide were life-changing events. Nancy paid attention to every detail. The setting for our classroom was inspirational among the mountains in Peru. Our energy experience could not be equaled. Serving as a Master Apprentice in Reiki training has allowed me to become a more spiritually aware person, a clearer healing channel and has enhanced my ability to not only experience different energies but deepened my love and compassion for my art.

Several years ago, Rev. Nancy Kimes introduced me to Kwan Yin; and her wonderful loving, compassionate healing energy during my first Kwan Yin Reiki™ class. As a Reiki Master/Teacher in The Usui Tradition of Natural Healing, working with energy was not new to me. Also I must add, as a professional nurse manager I am deeply aware that healing occurs on many levels and that what is often needed the most is compassion and touch.


Dwight's Miracle

Mary attended a Kwan Yin Reiki™ (KYR) workshop. Here is her testimony...

Mary...  California    -
I believe strongly that the Kwan Yin Reiki and all the prayers being said on his behalf are the miracle at work here. Medicine is very limited in what they can do, the rest is up to the prayers, healing energy, faith and love for the individual. Hope this shows how strongly I believe in Reiki as a whole and especially the energy of Kwan Yin that I feel present when I do my Reiki. Thanks.

When I left on Sunday, June 26, he was opening his eyes and looking right at the person who was talking. He did not at that time show signs of recognition although he did seem to recognize the voices. He was moved up to the neurological floor this past Friday and is once again amazing the staff with his fast comeback. According to my sister-in-law, he is now up and walking with the help of a walker. He nods yes and no to questions. He also seems to be recognizing his family and really studies other people that come in. Joy says she thinks he has heard her talking to people about his being in an accident and now in the hospital because he responded by heading right for the door as he has a strong dislike for hospitals. All of this has taken place in just a little over 2 weeks.

While I was in Minnesota for a week, I performed Kwan Yin Reiki on him everyday. I watched as He continued to make rapid progress. He was taken off the ventilator on Tuesday and moved from the critical care unit to a step down progressive care unit on Wednesday. This is not to say that there were not a number of challenging moments with him. We had a couple of scares with respiratory problems whenever he had to be taken down for more testing. He was actively trying to get out of bed by Wednesday.

My brother had a very bad motorcycle accident about 2:30 p.m. on Friday, June 17. My other brother, Dave was with him thank goodness. Dwight was dead at the scene and Dave did CPR on him, which saved his life. Dwight was airlifted to the nearest trauma center and arrived in the emergency room within an hour of the accident. Again a very big miracle. The doctors gave us the family little hope of survival because of the severe head trauma (Dwight was not wearing a helmet). As soon as I realized the seriousness of the accident I started to make plans to get back to Minnesota. I also started performing KYR on him from here in California. By the time I arrived in Minnesota on Father's Day, June 19th, the swelling had mostly gone down on his head. I thought he looked like my brother and not as bad as I had anticipated. He also had severe road rash down both arms, a broken collar bone, and a cracked 1st rib. No spinal injuries.


Distant Healing

A friend of mine and I took a cruise around the Islands of Tahiti. We shared a stateroom with a balcony. I had so many things going on I wasn’t sure this was the right time to travel I had many things to attend to, but my friend insisted. It didn’t take long to know the reason I was supposed to be there. During a visit and snorkeling in the reef off a motu, one of several "miniture" islands around Tahiti, it was brought to my attention that a little boy had drowned then revived and was in and out of consciousness. I was not in the area during this occurrence and the 4 year old boy was already on the way to the hospital. Cathy, a lady who was part of our group was very upset understandably as I would have been, witnessing such an ordeal. I suggested that we send healing. She could send healing through me using me as a surrogate, and I would pass Reiki on to the boy. The experience was very powerful indeed as well as the visualization. I could see in my minds eye that he was out of body watching what we were doing and felt that he would remember but may not understand at his age. Somehow I knew that it would mean something to him when he was older. I saw him laying on a hard silver surface, around him formed the shape of a star. Each point created a column with 4 sides shaped like pyramids. I sent out the Reiki symbols over laid with the Goddess symbol (Kwan Yin Reiki symbol), and saw it melt in the lungs and heart of the young boy. This had taken a total of 10 minutes. We ended the healing simultaneously.

When I came back to my body I knew that the boy would be fine. And although I would like to hear the outcome, I was sure it was true. Since I met a doctor during the cruise, I thought that I would inquire to see if he was one of the physicians who revived him since there were two I was told that were working on the young boy at the scene. I didn’t see the Dr. again until my friend and I was seated near him during lunch on the cruise ship several days later. He said, "Hello ladies... you asked about the boy and wanted to know the outcome. I am happy to say that he is fine and has been released from the hospital." Incredible! I thought, as I never got the opportunity to ask him! I was anxious to tell Cathy since we sent distant healing for his recovery.

When I did tell her she said that she already knew, and she continued, the boy was expected to be in the hospital for ten days.

Nancy... California I was happy to report to her that he had been released. I have no doubt that Kwan Yin took care of this young boy, and that sending healing exemplified and expedited his recovery.   -


Kwan Yin's Sense of Humor

Nancy... CaliforniaThe night before our departure from the Radison Cruise Ship the same trip as above, my roommate Thelma said that she had a major problem and would I ask Kwan Yin for assistance. She could not find her passport... had looked everywhere. I told her that she needed to ask Kwan Yin herself then told her about a similar experience I had in Mexico. She agreed and asked Kwan Yin for help. As I approached the safe where my documents were Kwan Yin asked me humorously, "And, where is your passport?" I started to laugh and told Thelma that Kwan Yin reminded me that our passports were held for safekeeping on the ship until our disembarkation. And the reason Kwan Yin reminded me was that Thelma would not have found the passport and didn’t want us to waste our time looking.  -


Thelma Shares Her Experience 

After dinner Thelma was talking to a lady upset with the disappearance of her sister’s glasses. Thelma told her the experience she just had with her passport and that her sister needed to ask Kwan Yin to find them. The next day during lunch Lynn reported that the glasses still were not found. Thelma kept encouraging her knowing that Kwan Yin would not let them down. At the end of our vacation just before leaving on the bus to go to the airport, Lynn came up to Thelma and I to let us know that her sister found the eye glasses and was very grateful to learn about Kwan Yin.  

Thelma... California-


"Furball" Came Home 

James has an indoor cat.  He noticed it was missing after he came home from church.  At midnight, James and Thelma had a torch going up and down the street calling out her name. Thelma asked Kwan Yin to please help them find her. "Furball" is a Russian Blue.  After a long night waking up at 3:30 a.  m. and 6:30 a.m., and at 8:00 a.m. Furball was found curled up and fast asleep on the front porch.  

- James and Thelma ...CA


Kwan Yin's Miracles in My Life

The first miracle was when I was introduced to Kwan Yin a couple of years ago through Magnified Healing.

At the time, I was truly engaged in developing Touch Reiki Yoga for anyone who wanted to develop change in their lives which is able to help so many people with the teachings I received from Kwan Yin. After receiving Kwan Yin Reiki, Level One, it affected me in a profound way. It was revealed to me that I needed to teach and educate in a spiritual way, by way of, workshops I would be developing in helping others grow spiritually and assist with heir ascension, clearing karma, etc.

My own healing came from my willingness to acknowledge that I had to do God's work. Kwan Yin helped me to acknowledge that.

By using the Kwan Yin Reiki symbol I have noticed that it does tend to soften emotionally any moods that appear to be getting in the way of energy flowing. I can say this for all of my healing sessions when I have used this symbol. I have also noticed it helps open up communication in relationships that need healing.

- Debbie... Michigan 


How My Life Has Changed

Since the seminar, a lot of changes have been happening.  My work environment has been great, the same situations are present, but my out look has changed and I am able to deal with the stress so much easier. When we were writing the things down with you at the seminar I didn't want to share the poem that was channeled to me.I feel that I am called to be a better person because I have been given an extra dose of love from a universe that has a lot to offer those who are willing to receive knowledge and work and use that knowledge for good. And for those who aren't as willing to grow they just got a gift that they pretty much give back.  I feel driven more now to excel because my spirit has a purpose with the knowledge through Kwan Yin. I have enrolled in a class at the community college to finish up a general study course and will transfer to the university to earn a degree in education. One of the things Kwan Yin wants me to do is get a degree so I can teach small children. They need light workers in the educational institutions to help slowly change the way we educate our children. I am to be a part of that movement. Hope this helps you know where I am and what I'm doing. I would like to monitor any classes you offer again in this area. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Love, Karen - Ohio.


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