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Dearly Beloved,

You are a flower of the field, wild and beautiful. You abound with grace and abundance. You are nurtured by the sun and touched by the rain. Your days are numbered but your seed lives on, and as the cycle completes you come forth once again from bud to bloom. Fragrant are the fields as they bloom with maturity. And, how well they thrive in natures path. How insignificant it seems when you don’t notice the remarkable presence of God in all things. A flower is not made from man. It is the paintbrush of Spirit that evolves in the seed of its likeness. Glory be to the magnificence of life that God has created. You are one of those creations!

God has given you a heart that feels through compassion and love. God has given you a mind which you can appreciate through focus, intent and desire. God gives you eyes to see the beauty that abounds. God gives you hands to give and receive, touch and heal. God has given you feet to walk forward on a guided path.
God has given you a body to house the temple of the living God... to serve, to be acknowledged, to be accomplished in the works of your aspired life-journey.
Simple and subtle are the way of the wise.

Great care and love surrounds you. God is always there to guide you. But you must be aware and ask for guidance before he becomes a manifestation of your consciousness. This knowing will form a personal relationship which will remain for the rest of your days. Sweet is the Spirit. Truth ever-flowing. Haste the goodness that life has to offer. Sense the completeness, perfection and design of a flower. You are that perfection.

You are uniquely made and formed through divine seed. The bud begins at conception, and as it grows to form becomes a conscious soul. Small and innocent, it matures in an environment that teaches the soul the lessons of life which give credence to the thoughts that you think, creating the picture of what you see

in front of you.
There is so much to gain walking the path of Spirit. For as your knowledge of Spirit grows the light in you shines brighter. This is the life one should aspire to. Making ready your heavenly home which will mirror your earthly home. Praise that day when you understand the meaning of walking in grace. The power to forgive even yourself. The power to heal through your connection with the infinite presence. The gifts that are bestowed in honor of your discernment for right order and balance
in all things. May peace always abound. May it surround you with blessings to enrich your life. May health and strength fill the marrow of your bones which gives you structure and a foundation which enables you to move the temple of your being.

God’s will for you is to flourish and have abundance... to experience joy and happiness. To know what it means to surrender so that the will of spirit is prominent in your life. Happiness does not grow on trees it grows inside of you. As with anything you nurture and develop, you must act as if it already exists to have full awareness of it.

In other words, BE IT.  As you desire you become the product of that desire. Watch your thoughts, and reap the rewards of your making.

I am Kwan Yin. My compassion cloaks you with soothing streams of love. I walk with you always night and day.
You are seen from above and shine like the stars of heaven. Be mindful of who you are.
You are one light... one part of the universal plan. When you align with this plan indeed you become ONE light in the world.
Blessings and honor to the great ONENESS!

Message received by Nancy Kimes   




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