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Kwan Yin is known as Lady Buddha. She is the Goddess of Mercy, Angel of Compassion, Protector of incoming Children, Healer of Mankind. She is a Divine Mother with many names, celebrated and honored in many countries and cultures.

She had been described as a male in the early centuries and was first referred to as a female form in the Lotus Sutra in 406 A.D.

Kwan Yin was portrayed as a male as late as the tenth century. However, by the ninth century there was a statue of Kwan Yin represented as a goddess in white. The Legend says that Kwan Yin lived on Earth 1000 years before her ascent to the higher realms. During her ascent she heard the cries of the world and in that moment changed her mind about entering paradise, and turned around wanting to be of service to those who were in need through compassion, encouragement, and protection.

She is a Savioress in our time. Once Kwan Yin enters your life through personal invitation she is with you always. She will work with you on all levels of healing, and aid you in personal issues toward self-healing. Kwan Yin speaks to and through your heart therefore, language is no barrier.

In knowing Kwan Yin and creating a personal relationship with her your compassion will grow. And although she is from an eastern culture, she looks upon the heart of your intention. Kwan Yin is a Divine Being of Light, Bodhissatva, and works purely through compassion and love. Those who allow her into their heart are watched over and cared for from that time forward. The more acknowledgement you make and share about Kwan Yin, the more guidance and answers you will receive. Kwan Yin resonates the same essence as Mother Mary and other sacred, holy women in the history of spiritual text and scripture. Embrace her and you will come to find yourself... you will come to know yourself. The inner part of your being is searching for the links that connect to the divine. With Kwan Yin you will find them.

Religion separates and divides. Kwan Yin works through the Spirit of truth by the capacity of joy and love. Kwan Yin is a patroness saint, and embraces all living souls, in embodiment and spirit, to help guide them to the light, caring and nurturing each light-body until they recognize the flame that glows in their heart.


There are numerous websites on the history or legend of Kwan (Kuan, Quan) Yin.

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